Summer is only a few short weeks away, and the team here at Middlekauff Lincoln is gearing up for a season of road trip experiences. Now you and your family can enjoy enhanced audio entertainment as you embark on a seasonal journey when you choose the all-new Lincoln Continental with the available Revel® Ultima audio system.

The 2017 Lincoln Continental showcases the quality craftsmanship and design that we’ve come to expect from a luxury car while staying true to the brand’s timeless appeal. While the all-new Continental features the sweeping lines and exquisite beauty that continues to propel the model to popularity in our showroom, a new Revel® Ultima audio system provides enhanced infotainment as you explore the Twin Falls region. This innovative audio system is fine-tuned to work specifically with the interior acoustics in the Lincoln Continental to deliver an exceptional sound experience. The speakers, calibration, and tuning boost the quality of your immersive audio experience so you can enjoy music in unmatched quality.

Revel® also created QuantumLogic Surround® technology that further enhances the audio in your Lincoln Continental. Three listening modes that range from a traditional stereo sound to the complex audience and on-stage experiences round out the available audio features of the 2017 Continental.

Whether you take on a road trip this season or simply want to make the most of each daily commute, the 2017 Lincoln Continental serves as an excellent option for Idaho drivers in the Twin Falls region. Visit Middlekauff Lincoln to request a Continental test drive, inquire about Lincoln financing, and explore the additional features and packages available to optimize your commute. We look forward to introducing Idaho drivers to our beautiful inventory of new Lincoln cars for sale in Twin Falls!

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